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Hi! I am Paul Stellingwerf
illustrator and animator

Who is this guy?

I am an illustrator from the Netherlands. As a kid was always drawing (or reading comics and watching cartoons).

I have almost a decade of experience helping all sorts of clients visualising their message. Before that I worked as a legal counsel for more than a decade. I have first-hand experience with a lot of the things my clients deal with on a daily basis: decision making processes, managing projects, customer relations, working agile, etc.

I’m not only creative, I also am critical, systematic thinker and when you hire me you also get a fresh perspective!

How can I help you?

Getting your message across to your audience can be a pain in the ass. I can help you by making your story visible. 

Translating complex information or processes into an image or an animation quickly makes them understandable. An image can literally show the viewer the big picture: what are the important topics and sub-topics and how does everything connect. 

Images also not only grab attention, they also hold attention longer than text does. Images also spark the viewers inner creativity, perfect for brainstorm sessions.

Let images do the work!

clearly tell your story, enhance presentations or add flavour to a website or brochure.

LIVE DRAWING let’s you capture the outcome of an event or to take a brainstorm to the next creative level.

ANIMATIONS bring your message to life. They are perfect give instructions or explain a complex subject.

CHARACTER DESIGN can be a used to create a strong and recognizable brand for your company or product.

I can make any message engaging; no subject is too big, complex, abstract, boring or difficult!

Let's work together!

I've worked with all sorts of clients

  • Paul developed an infographic that helps us to explain the concept of Scaled Agile to our clients in a funny and understandable way.


    Besides being a gifted illustrator, delivering beautiful and meaningful images, Paul also is a valuable partner for us because he understands the business and management concepts we apply. Moreover, his creativity and flexibility contributed to making this project a success.

    Niels Groen
    Blinklane Consulting
  • Paul designed for Kramp an incredibly detailed ‘leaningmap’, visualising all aspects of the company. The process to get here was intense for all of us. Paul did an amazing job, among others by thinking along with us on the visualisation of corporate values and identity.


    And by always being co-operative when last-minute changes were necessary. The result? A more detailed, complex, and yet appealing poster than we could have ever imagined.

    Inge Fraikin
  • Paul has been quick to understand our needs and ideas, and to convey even complex concepts into lively and attractive animated videos.

    He takes the time to understand his clients’ needs, is very reliable and at the same time remains flexible when required. It is a pleasure working with him!

    Carlotta Weber
    Green European Foundation

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